Cryptos OTC Trading Platform – Review


This review is meant to address the Cryptos OTC Trading Platform (COTPS) scam that promises you up to 100% monthly returns on investment. Also, it assures customers of a stable revenue using a High-Frequency Trading technology.

At the End of this Review you should be able to tell if is legit or scam. review

What is COTPS? – Review

According to their website, COTP a.k.a COTPS is short for Cryptos OTC Trading Platform is a High Frequency Trading Crypto Platform that claims to provide its investors with passive income and their goal is to make digital currency trading more efficient and transparent.

It tries to achieve this by providing relevant services for blockchain enthusiasts around the world.

Such services include over-the-counter (OTC) trading, arbitrage trading, and wallet.

Also, they claim to use artificial intelligence and algorithms to automatically trade digital currencies and yield profits for investors.

They calm to give 100% profit in 30 days if you invest in the platform.


How Does COTPS Works

Below are some ways users to earn income with


The platform helps users to complete trades and make profits.

It employs artificial intelligence and algorithms to process trade orders automatically.

Also, the system is set to execute orders every two hours.

Thus, 12 trade orders are completed for each user daily.

Additionally, COTP uses High-Frequency Trading (HFT) to make a profit from every trade irrespective of the market trends.


This is one of the most wonderful ways of making money with, you will earn 15% income for your first level invitees, and 10% for level 2 invitee.

Why COTPS is a Scam

Reasons why COTPS or COTP or Crypto OTC Trading Platform, is a giant scam.

Unknown founder and Fake Team

The owner of the platform is unknown, and non of the Cotps team is known and when the founder is not known, it’s only a matter of time before the company folds, and investors’ funds are lost without any trace.

No one will be held accountable when something goes wrong with the platform and investors will lose their funds.

No proof of trades and unrealistic returns

Let’s start with the obvious – the outrageous ROI promised to investors.

COTP guarantees users a daily profit of 3.6% which is not feasible.

The worse part is that it does not show how this profit is realized.

Just deposit any amount, trades happen without your supervision, and you’ll receive rewards after 2 hours.

Also, it claims that it trades digital currencies but it did mention any particular one neither did it mention any trading pairs nor trading platforms where the trades are performed.

Investors can only deposit and withdraw USDT, whatever happens in between is not relevant.

When you factor in the referral scheme, it looks like old investors are rewarded from new investors’ funds and not necessarily the outcome of any trading.

Again, COTP claims to be the first to efficiently use HFT yet it is not among the top 20 HFT firms.

Not regulated and illegal

COTP is registered in Colorado, so it is a US company. Since it is clearly providing investment services, it has to be regulated, but it is not. So it is breaking the laws and it is an illegal investment service.

Don’t get fooled by the FinCEN registration of Cryptos OTC Trading Platform Limited. the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) is not a regulator that oversees investment services and securities offerings.

The FinCEN clearly states that the inclusion of a business on its website is not a certification of legitimacy.

Cotps Fincen

You see, anybody can register with the FinCEN, you fill in a form online and that’s it. The FinCEN won’t check if you are a real business that is authorized to provide the services you provide.

COTP is an unauthorized and illegal investment service.

COTP is not regulated.


At the end of our review, we have come to a conclusion that COTPS is a scam, running multiple websites to lure as many investors as possible.

It is a trading platform yet there’s no evidence of completed trades or platforms where the arbitrage trade occurs.

Please stay clear of this platform and save your money.

This platform will likely fold up once new investments stop or founders garner enough cash.

If you must trade with it, invest only what you can afford to lose and withdraw your profits as quickly as possible, be sure that you understand the risks and that you have a sound strategy, including money management.

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