6 Steps on How To get a Scholarship To Study Abroad


Studying abroad gives you exposure among many other things, and that is precisely why many Nigerians have been looking for ways to study abroad.

However, not everybody is privileged with the resources to study overseas and this is where the international scholarship option comes in.

If you are interested in studying abroad and don’t have enough funds, you should consider applying for international scholarships. This article lists the steps you can take to bag international scholarships but before delving into that,

Types Of Scholarships Available

Here are some types of scholarships available to you as an international student:

  • Government-funded scholarships
  • Organization-funded scholarships
  • Location-based scholarships
  • Sports-related scholarships
  • Course or program-based scholarships
  • Research-based scholarships
  • University-funded scholarships

Steps on how to get a scholarship to study abroad.

Having discovered the types of international scholarships available to you, here are the steps on how to get a scholarship to study abroad.


Research is vital if you don’t want to miss out on good opportunities or make mistakes during your application. Research scholarship opportunities available in your prospective college or location and be on the lookout for hidden scholarships.

Check your eligibility

Having done thorough research and discovered the available scholarship opportunities, check to see if you are eligible for them. Many international scholarships have their criteria and requirement, so you should confirm that you are the right fit first.

Get the required documents

After confirming your eligibility, you should get the necessary documents. If the scholarship requires you to write an exam, prepare for the exam, write a good statement of purpose and prepare all other documents.

Start your admission process

Some scholarships Abroad require that you start your admission process and probably get the admission before starting your scholarship application.

Ask Past scholarship winners

You might want to ask previous scholarship winners to guard you on how to go about your quest, know what they did right and how you can learn from them.

Apply for the available scholarships

The last step is to apply to every available scholarship.
The best way to get funds for your undergraduate, postgraduate, or PhD pursuits abroad is by applying for international scholarships. If you do thorough research, you can find fully funded scholarships that won’t require you to pay any amount.

One of the essential steps to getting an international scholarship as a Nigerian is staying abreast of current information and this will require you to network with others.


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